Máy hàn thiếc KAWH 936
SUPPLY PRODUCT KAWH936 Soldering Station
1.Soldering Station
2. Special Anti-static design
3.Adjustable temperature
4.Imported nickel-chromium
3. Fast heat up

                                 KAWH936 Soldering Station

1. Special Anti-static design, output voltage is 24 volts, it prevents leak from being damaging theline board componets.  

2. Imported nickel-chromium wire heating core, welding nozzle and the body heat is common to  the international brands and replace more convenient.

3. Fast heat up, instant temperature compensation, controlling temperature is precise and stable.

 4. Especially suit for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, soldering common and directly inserted electronics and other requirements of different processes in welding

5. Light handle for long time used.

consists of

1.KAWH936 power unit                             1pcs

2.Soldering iron                                        1pcs

3.Iron holder(with cleaning sponge)          1pcs

4.Operating Instructions                           1pcs

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