4 wired + 8 wireless zones with microcomputer control , the panel features comprehensive functions of burglarproof, fireproof and hold-up alarms

Panel is equipped with integrative programmable keypad, LCD ,and memory of 5 groups of alarming telephone numbers

Transmission through GSM wireless network and alarm signal receipt via fixed telephone, mobile phone and manual/networked alarm receiving center

Compatibility with Contact ID , 4+2 and SHIKE communication protocols

Message report alarm location, subsection record each alarm position

Remote control the arming/disarming with remote control unit , the keyboard and messages

Remote talk-back function ,the on-site people can call and talk-back

Alternatives of internal connecting and external connecting alarming output

Built-in electronic clock makes it possible to arm/disarm different zones in fixed time ,set up  clock and report the self-check status of the mainframe in fixed time

Zonal arm/disarm and doorbell available for all wired or wireless zones, with zone bypass function

With arm linkage output control port, available external arm/disarm instructions

Wireless detector and remote controller(optional rolling code) automatically learn coding

Built-in relay output linkage can link image monitor

Internal 12V maintenance-free rechargeable battery with intelligent charging/discharging control

Auto-reporting of AC power failure, low voltage of battery and detector failure to the central monitoring station

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