Bộ chuông cửa hình không dây Dimansi YL-007VDP-3

3.5 inch wireless door phones Monitor


TFT LCD display (to show the image of visitor)
Speaker (to hear the Dingdong calling and the voice of the visitor)
Antanne(to transfer the signal of voice , unlock to the camera,at the same time receive the signal of voice,image and call from the camera )
Micro-phone(to convey the visitor's voice to the camera)
LED: the indicator light(if the light is on ,it stands for charging but on the contrary it indicates charging is over )
Unlock(to control the camera and release the E-lock)
Monitor:Monitor / view photos (to start monitor and monitor the outdoor circumstance / view the photos taken by the camera)
Brightness+:(to enforce the brightness of images / photo up/ time+ )
Volume-:(turn down the volume/ time-adjustment)
Brightness-:(turn down the brightness of images/ photo down/ time-)
Volume+:(turn on the volume /time-adjustment )       
Talk:(talk to the outdoor unit)
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