Top Rated Handheld Metal Scanner Detector with Audible Alarm Options for Police

   Quick Detail:

  1.Handheld metal scanner Detector

2. audible alarm options and extended battery life

3. Super scanner with Large 8" scan surface for quick

4. thorough scanning and Three-color LED indication


  Highly sensitive, capable of detecting tint metal objects.

Adjusting the press button to get rid of any interference.

Automatic testing upon power-on without need for adjusting.The scanning area is large and detecting can be completed in a fast and accurate way.

Capable of determining size and distance of metal objects by sound loudness from the detector.

High DB design ensure application of the detector in noisy environment .

Feature of the sound: from weak to strong, following natural alert mode of human being.


  safety-check: Police, Ensure public security , Court of justice, Prison, Gymnasium and the place which need to detect the dangerous items ,such as gun ,knife

  1. The factory security: chemical plant, Mine factory, Electronic factory, Hardware factory, Plastic products factory
  2. Education system: To detect the Cheating tools that used in the college entrance examination,  Medium test , civil service examination and so on


Working frequency

95 KHZ

Packing dimensions


Product weight

25pcs/carton, 14 kg/ carton

Gross weight

0.5 kg/1pcs

Working power supply

9V battery

Mode of adjustment



Warning sound from weak to strong

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