Máy dò kim loại cầm tay MD-3003B1

MD-3003B1 Vibration Handheld Metal Scanner with Leather Case For Body Scanner

  High sensitivity

Anti-sliding design

Low battery indicator

Low power consumption


Easy operation, coming with leather case, convenient for carry .

Also called panel type detector, with large detecting area, preventing any missed detecting .

With recharging function, available with option of direct charger or base charger .

LED will be off or will be alarming consistently while battery voltage is low .

Available with double alarming mode: buzzer and LED and vibration.

In special occasion, switching can be done by auto reset function switch, so as to detector small objects .

Sensitivity can be adjusted by operator according to security level .


  1. safety-check: Police, Ensure public security , Court of justice, Prison, Gymnasium and the place which need to detect the dangerous items ,such as gun ,knife
  2. The factory security: chemical plant, Mine factory, Electronic factory, Hardware factory, Plastic products factory
  3. Education system: To detect the Cheating tools that used in the college entrance examination,  Medium test , civil service examination and so on


 MD-3003B1 Handheld metal Scanner with Easy Operation and Leather Case, Convenient to Carry


Product dimension


Packing dimensions


Product weight

25pcs/carton, 13 kg/ carton

Gross weight


Working power supply

6F22ND 9V bettery

Alarming mode

Alarming with buzzer & LED,and vibration synchronized

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