GE-2.0, Peofessional deep underground metal Detector, Gold Detecting Machine with large LCD display


Emission frequency:


Signal frequency:




Maximum detecting depth:


Power supply mode:

rechargeable battery

   Competitive Advantage:

  One-key to balance automactically to eliminate “ Mineralization “ quickly directly distinguish nonferrous metals

Widely used in high-end market, mining clearance, evidence collection, archaeology and treasure hunting


  Automatic equilibrium by one key function can eliminate the response of mineralization quickly

  1. Sensitivity adjustment by one key function can quickly eliminate the effects from environment
  2. LCD screen will directly display the nature of detected metal (non-ferrous metal or black metal)
  3. Simple and easy detecting display mode helps to differentiate the nature of metals in time
  4. Unique function of eagle eye positioning
  5. Function of one-key memorizing


  Mine clearance in military : Mainly used by mine clearance arm forces in military to clear away the mines in the battlefield that buried by the enemy.

  1. Investigation and evidence collection : Mainly used by police, procurator or other evidence collectors to search the gun , cutting tool , metal blunt instrument or other tools for committing a crime that abandoned by the suspect of crime
  2. Archeology and treasure search : Mainly used by the archeologist or expeditor in wild mountains , plains or deep-sea areas for aecheology or expedition
  3. Item search or iron detecting :Mainly used for detection in wild fields, underground pipes in urban areas ; or by iron collector to collect the great deal of abandoned metals that buried after the movement of industrial park or reforming of old urban district
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