Máy dò kim loại dưới lòng đất Metal Detector MD-5008 (1đĩa dò)

Ground Searching Metal Detector MD-5008

Main parameter:
Power supply: DC12V
Shooting frequency: 6.99Khz
Signal frequency: 437KHz
Visual: Lever Meter
Indicator: Sound: 2 Speaker or earphone(earphone not included)
Disc: Ground Balance Controls
Disc Control: Ground Balance control
Tune control: Sensitivity control
Discrimination Control
Zeroing control
Working electric current: 300MA at Max Volume
Sensitivity: 35cm or a US(25cent) Quarter with meter
Indication at min, discrimination
Accessories: Battery box and battery bag
Gross weight: 3.2kg
Colour: Black.

1)Good detection depth:
MD5008: 1-5m(max detection depth)
2)Strong pinpointing performance
Can penetrate the earth, the stone, the chinaware or other plastic and wooden material which covered on the metal and find the metal exactly.
3) Great discrimination
4) Easy operation
5) Mainly function:
Suitalbe to detect and distinguish metal buried in the earth
Suitable for checking metal in food, fuel, and luggage
Suitable for detecting underground pipes
Suitable for mining and archeological digs
6) Have the function to distinguish ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal. 7) Adopt the intellectualized operation system8) Use the high strength material of ABS with light weight and long life-span
9) To distinguish if it's the sound of ferrous via the earphone.
Packing: Each pieces in one inner box & 4pcs in one outer carton
Outer Carton measure: 845mm*320mm*680mm.
Bình chọn sản phẩm: (4.9 / 1 Bình chọn)